Business Coach

Business coaching is the process of helping a business leader, a company or business team achieve greater clarity, focus, and measurable results.

I am a strong believer that success depends on creating a vision, and a mission, designing a plan that achieves a measurable objective, then following-through to completion in a structured way – using the right tools (business and communication) to ensure buy-in from all of the players; Customers, Teams and partners and increasing your bottom line.

I have now been successfully working in this way in industry for over 25 years in a number of roles from engineer to EMEA manager in both start ups and multinationals.

Being trained and experienced in Project Management, LEAN & Six Sigma (to Black Belt), Human Change Management, Group Facilitation, Remote and Local Team Management, Analytical Trouble-Shooting and NLP (practitioner), I work with a wide array of tools that permits me to adapt to the customer’s requirements and needs, as well as giving them new tools, approaches, processes and methods that can be adapted to most situations and allowing them to have a much wider range of approaches to their role – from partners in a start-up, business leaders, department or team managers.


Hypnotherapy can help deal with so many of the challenges we sometimes face in our lives and is beneficial for so many of life’s challenges.

Many people think that hypnosis is some sort of magic trick (thanks to the showmen) whereas the reality is that hypnosis is nothing more or less than a state of much higher awareness which is achieved while in the state of trance (something that we all do naturally) and is a very powerful healing & recovery tool and is applicable in far more areas of our life than most people are aware.

Hypnotherapy, as with coaching, starts with unbiased listening, requires a relationship based on absolute trust, and uses the customer’s life-view or “map of the world” to achieve positive results that are coherent with their value system.

As an NLP and Time-Line practitioner, Eriksonnien and Quantum Hypnotherapist, my experience and expertise has been gathered throughout a varied and exciting career. Combining this with a passionate belief in the benefits of hypnotherapy and NLP has enabled me to successfully treat a wide range of conditions. I never tire of seeing the wonderful and amazing changes my clients make when they achieve their goals and realise their true potential.

I have helped clients to resolve and manage anxiety, burn-out, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, fears and phobias, allergies and numerous other, less obvious symptoms that are often the direct or indirect results of moments or periods of stress, brought about by traumatic or other negative life experiences.