Hypnotherapy for children


hypnotherapy for children requires specific skills and adapted techniques. It is an efficient and brief therapy that is simple and enjoyable for the child.

It is respectful towards the child who is considered holistically, with its particularities, resources and what they are suffering from

It is used for children from 2 to 11 years old.

Why use Hypnotherapy on children ?

Hypnosis is a superb therapeutic tool for children because they are very receptive. Particularly because hypnosis uses the world of the imagination, doing and feeling « as if » as well as being a magical world which is excellent for revealing the treasures hidden in them as well as their undiscovered resources.

Incidentally, the hypnotic state is not unknown to them and they rapidly and easily learn how to take ownership of this therapeutic tool on a daily basis to overcome their difficulties, sometimes for many years.

Hypnosis has also been used for a long time in paediatric services in hospitals, principally for pain control.

The sessions are usually pleasant and amusing and the practitioner uses an adapted therapeutic language based on communication particular to Ericksonian hypnosis.

What are the most frequent symptoms ?

Behavioural problems

nightmares, nocturnal terrors, fears and phobias
Sleep problems
Bed-Wetting (enuresis’), nail-biting, thumb-sucking
Alimentary problems, lack of appetite, weight-gain
Anguish and stress
Lack of motivation
Tics and stuttering
Attention disorders

Social and Educational Success

Improve learning and memorisation
Improve educational success rate
Improve self esteem and self-confidence


Overcome the effects of separation
Overcome the effects of grieving and traumatic events

What does a session consist of ?

Each session starts with a discussion with the parents, the child and sometimes even brothers and sisters. If it is the first session, everyone can describe their view of the problem and the difficulty or explain what others have said (for example, teachers) and thus give information on the environmental context, the child’s tastes and abilities. If it is not the first session, the discussion may be on the changes observed since the previous session.

Then the session continues with the child alone for 20-30 minutes, depending on the age of the child. Finally the session ends with one or both of the parents to agree on the next steps.

Fee per 1-hour session : 80 chf

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