Professional Coaching


Whether you are a director, manager or project manager, a major part of your activity consists of initiating or managing organisational and technical change so as to adapt to the company strategy or market changes.


Professional coaching can be applied to, for example:

  • Improvement in performance
  • Improvement of personal effectiveness or knowledge
  • Coaching during a professional change: a new post, promotion, restructuring, etc..
  • The resolution of communication problems within a company
  • Integration of new teams or groups and the first 90 days
  • Team Cohesion, motivation and optimisation
  • Strategies in the creation, management and acceleration of change (individual and team)
  • Communication (individual and organisational)


Professional coaching is a personalised support for professional development or in the management of teams.

It is a creative process with the objective of enabling clients to:

  • Identify, analyse and precisely define a problem or project
  • To clarify and define the final objective or goal
  • To create a 360 analysis of the client and their team
  • To highlight the individual’s and team’s resources, competencies and skills.
  • To identify the roadblocks, constraints and opportunities of the client’s role and job
  • To clarify the potential scope
  • To evaluate the feasibility of specific changes, objectives and tactics
  • To develop a methodology, initiate and manage concrete plans and actions in depth, so as to durably resolve the professional issues that they are confronted with, while ensuring buy-in from the team or organisation.

During the sessions, the coach will also help the client to add to their « tool-kit » (with tools developed in Six Sigma, LEAN, Human Change management, Analytical Troubleshooting, NLP, Transactional analysis, (amongst others) that the client will then be able to use on their own, in future situations.

The sessions take place in secure and confidential conditions, without fear of judgement, where the coach is focused on the client’s issues and the success of their projects – using the clients’ criteria for success, and not their own – using a strategy that is based on the present and the future without any need to justify previous actions or behaviour.

Coaching sessions can last from 1 to 4 months, depending on the complexity and the evolution of the situation at work.

Each consultation lasts 2 hours, with two weeks between consultations, so as to ensure continuity.

Fee per consultation : 150chf.

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