Educational Coaching

Giving the keys to educational success to everyone.

Success at school can be achieved by everyone. Every student has their own unique potential. When this potential is nurtured it can lead to success. Learning difficulties can be specific and momentary, or deeper and more persistent.

Whatever the learning difficulty, educational success is within the reach of everyone with individual or group educational coaching.

The different techniques used include : NLP, Gestion Mentale de la Garanderie, Educational Kinesiology (Brain Gym), MAIP, and Mindfulness (Paws.B)


  • Understanding your own learning style, its strength and limitations and learning to adapt them to the demands of any school task.
  • Acquire an efficient working method and the relevant tools
  • Assimilate the right learning strategies (motivation, concentration, memorisation, organisation)
  • Develop a positive emotional state (80% of learning difficulties are due to stress)
  • Free up cognitive and emotional blockages
  • Regain self confidence and belief in the ability to succeed
  • Learning to set goals
  • Success in exams (revision methods, time management)


Individual Courses :

The first session is used to identify the problem(s) and the context, to identify the learning style, the working methods and as well as the emotional resources (tastes, hobbies, successes)

5 to 10 sessions may be necessary to resolve the learning difficulties and to improve results in the long term.

Fees for 1 session of 60 minutes: 80 chf

contacter Brigitte Harrell-Bond ( )

Training courses :

– Succeed in your exams :
You will discover the secrets of success, acquire an efficient method to revise, learn how to manage your time and how to use stress to achieve your state of optimum performance

– Help your children to succeed :
Create an environment conducive to learning
Discover your own learning style and discover your child’s
Understand the requirements of a school task
Find solutions to learning difficulties


« Finding the difference that makes the difference »

Imagine for a moment, a pearl oyster anchored to a reef in the deep, warm waters of knowledge. It opens and closes infinitely drawing food and water, until one day a little grain of sand finds its way in. Brushing against the purity and richness of its inner shell, day after day, swept by the tide, rocked by the currents, the little grain of sand changes into a magnificent and precious pearl.

The aim of all remedial support is to seize that grain of sand and finds the most respectful, ecological and effective way to trigger the required change. The consultant is neither the ocean, nor the tide, and even less the mother of pearl –that infinite treasure found in everyone of us- She is the instrument of change, the bridge between school failure and success, self esteem and so much more.