Hypnotic gastric band


Being over-weight is not just a question of self image, it can also be an important psychological burden for the loss of confidence, self esteem and could be synonymous of great distress.

Additionally, when the excess weight is significant and the person is considered to be medically obese, it can have serious consequences for health and quality of life.

People suffering from obesity can resort to surgery, a surgical gastric band remains one of the more efficient treatments but it can have complications and numerous side effects.

The hypnotic gastric band or virtual gastric band is a program combining Eriksonian hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic programming). It enables the patient to loose weight durably and naturally, without hospitalisation or danger. The program is also much more affordable and has a higher rate of success.

Who is this program for ?

Hypnotic Gastric rings can be beneficial to anyone who is 10 kilos or more overweight.

Generally intended for people with a Corporal Mass index (CMI) over 35. If your weight is less than that your hypnotherapist can also propose other hypnotic methods to help you manage your weight.

The patient must already be in a weight-loss mindset and hypnosis is an exceptional tool to accompany and facilitate the conscious effort.

What does the program consist of ?

This program, created by Sheila Granger, a hypnotherapist in London, in 2011, follows a specific protocol which consists of placing an imaginary gastric band using hypnosis. Nevertheless, the sessions are managed specifically for the patient so as to respond to the personal and unique requirements of each patient.

Obviously it is not magic, it is a scientific process but the results are almost magical. Patients eat much less and feel satiated rapidly, leaving food in their plates and begin to permanently change their eating habits. They learn to recognise the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger. The treatment not only responds to the question of nutrition but also responds more deeply to stress, negative emotions and unconscious blockages to weight-loss.

The program takes place with a minimum of 4 treatment sessions spaced out every 2 weeks.

Because new habits take at least 4 to 5 weeks to settle in, we propose a series of recordings for you to listen to every other day.

It is also necessary to plan an additional consultation 8 weeks after the program.

Fees: 5 consultations + the CD of recordings: 680 chf

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